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The Butterfly Effect is a concept in chaos theory that suggests that one small change in one part of a system can have a significant impact on another part of the system. We too, with our own actions and choices have the potential to create positive ripples that impact those around us and even the world at large.

Butterfly Effect CIC

Just like the butterfly, we all have the potential to make a difference, no matter how small our actions may seem. The Butterfly Effect project is about promoting the power of community, social inclusion and inter-generational relationships, education in relation to food, farming and growing and access to nature and the countryside through a series of seasonal workshops and gatherings around food.

What we do

Edible Garden 

Experience the miracle of growing and connect with food and farmers in your local area and become part of a regenerative edible garden that grows seasonal produce to share with the local community.

Ripple Effect Workshops 

We provide educational and practical workshops for local people, delivered by local people to come and get their hands in the soil and learn and develop practical skills in growing food, cooking and well-being. These meet-ups promote social inclusion, practical skill development that can be applied at home, and an opportunity to connect with others and be outside. 

Community Fridge

A drop-off and pick-up point for locals in Cockerham to share and exchange extra garden gluts and surplus produce, as well as make food donations to help those in need. 

Seasonal Community Gathering

A  monthly community meal to celebrate food and the seasons. We will cook together from the edible garden and use up any surplus food.  This is an opportunity to come and enjoy delicious nutritious meal, meet new people and have some fun.

Get involved...

Are you a local who would like to volunteer, a grower, maker, do-er, aspiring gardener, cook, tinkerer, or someone who is proactive with community spirit... or perhaps, you're none of them but would like to learn how to be, then come and get involved... 

We're on a mission, are you coming with us?

Our mission is simple, to share the magic of growing food and experience the intergenerational wisdom of our local people and of the land that surrounds us. To repair, regenerate and to celebrate. 

It is our mission, to reconnect people with nature and each other. To be present and conscious beings who enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds us. To get our hands in the soil, work together, learn and be a part of a regenerative local community that thrives and shares resources and time with one another. We are not strangers. 

To live intentionally and to never underestimate the power of small daily actions and their profound impact. To be proactive community connectors and champion localisation.




Before we do anything we will ask ourselves HOW are we meeting our following objectives in all of the work that we do?


Protect and improve the local environment & and biodiversity

Putting planet health at the heart of our approach, much like the butterfly effect, we recognise that small actions can lead to significant changes. Our commitment is to ensure these changes are for the better. 

We will focus on prioritising regenerative practices that promote healthy environments for wildlife, and biodiversity and growing food that is nutritious and grown responsibly. 


Learning & Knowledge Exchange 

It is never too soon or too late to learn or try something new. Knowledge is a superpower and local knowledge lives within your community and its surroundings.  

Through local partnerships with educational institutions and like-minded organisations that align with our values, we're committed to continuous learning and knowledge exchange within and beyond our community. Our focus is on practical skill development within the community that can be used and shared amongst your family and friends. 

Furthermore, we'll put this into action by documenting local plant and wildlife records and sharing stories from the past and present, connecting the dots of our shared heritage and natural history. 


Human Connection 

Gather in real life regularly to foster and develop local and intergenerational relationships, learning from the wisdom of our elders and the optimism and new perspectives of our young people.


Being part of a community is at our core, a fundamental part of our human existence yet we are more lonely and depressed than ever. Let's relearn the art of community and social inclusion and create an accessible space for everyone to experience. 


Food sovereignty and farming 

Food embodies nature, and we, as humans, are an integral part of this interconnected ecosystem.


We are at a critical time in our existence and must recognise our place within this intricate web of life and use more proactive and regenerative methods to ensure a healthy and thriving ecosystem.


Being part of an agricultural community in Lancashire we strive to be a conduit for farmers and celebrate the hard efforts and food produced in our county.


Our belief is that food should travel shorter distances, fostering unity instead of creating divisions. Throughout history, food has always united us, nurturing not only our bodies but also our connections. Let's lay the foundation for a community rooted in the spirit of food and celeration. 


Sense of Place & Localisation

Collectively we need to invest effort into preserving and maintaining thriving and vibrant local economies "Small is beautiful".


We must rekindle our love for our land and local spaces and take charge of our communities, the alternative is a relentless path of globalisation and squeezing so much from our land that there is nothing left.  Let's openly share and celebrate our local knowledge with everyone, encouraging a sense of ownership and responsibility and keeping our spaces clean and accessible for everyone.

We cannot enjoy and nurture something if it's no longer there. 


Reciprocity and Compassion

Two key ingredients to be included in the recipe of life; reciprocity and compassion.


Giving back to the land that sustains us and extending a hand to our neighbours is fundamental to our existence and overall happiness and well-being and when practised consciously has profound benefits to the health of the planet and ourselves. In reciprocity, we create a ripple effect, that creates longevity and is far-reaching way beyond our community boundaries. 

It's a reminder that our individual actions when rooted in empathy and reciprocity, can collectively lead to a healthier and more harmonious world.


upcoming events

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Let's work together

Collaborations & Partnerships

There are so many exciting projects happening all across Lancashire with shared goals, let's exchange knowledge and work together to create a bigger and more lasting impact in our communities!

Our site is varied and we can support your organisation in bringing to life some of your project objectives

We have/are working in collaboration with Morecambe Bay Partnership, Escape 2 Make, and Cockerham C of E Primary School amongst other local primary schools in Lancashire.

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