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Michelle Parry

Working with the land

Our family are 3rd generation dairy farmers. We are very connected to the land around us both the coatline and inland.

I am incredibly passionate about sharing the story of the countryside. From recent media coverage it would appear unbenkost to many all of the things that farmers do to encourage bio diversity and nature friendly farming on their land already. 

My dad, Chris, over the years has planted hundreds of trees, installed two woodlands, several pond sites and. 

Farmers are people who choose to spend their lives in the outdoors, because of their love for it, farmers are our land stewards and more connected to the British landscape than almost anyone else. We should listen to them, work with them, seek to understand them. Agriculture is the one industry that offers solutions to our climate crisis. 

Rewilding the land 

Environmental rewilding is a big key to restoring habitats, reintroducing declined species and restoring the balance to our ecosystems. Allowing the land to recover organically and go back to its original state. 

This approach is being implemented widely in the UK and it is exciting! 

We are at the beginning of our environmental rewilding and have set aside a 3 acre plot that we will 'let it be' 

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Seasonal Nature Trail

In partnership with Lancashire Wildlife Trust

We have mapped out a 2.5 mile nature trail around our site that highlights our local landscape and how it changes throughout the seasons. 

John Lamb, Senior Conservation Officer and Seumus , twitcher 

Find out more about Lancashire Wildlife Trust and how you can support their work to promote nature in our area.


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What makes our location special?

The geography

Join us in the heart of the Lancashire countryside, turn off the main road and all the way to the end of the lane to find us on our spot of rugged coastline. 

We're located on the edge of the Morecambe Bay Estuary, a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and the largest intertidal area in the UK. With this, we welcome over a quarter million migration and wading birds throughout the seasons with incredible views across the salt marshes toward the Irish Sea. 


With the tide in tune to the phases of the moon, coming and going,  you can truly enjoy the landscape changing and the wildlife that comes with this.


Out to the north, you can enjoy unbroken views of the Lake District UNESCO World Heritage site and over to the east, The Forest of Bowland AONB, famous not only for its natural beauty but the infamous Pendle Witch Trials and also being the home of Tolkein, the author of Lord of the Rings, who is said to have taken inspiration from the local landscape in his work.   

We love our area and are proud of what it offers for those looking to enjoy a variety of nature, wildlife and landscapes. from the sea to hills. 

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