Food is what powers us and there is always a story behind how it was grown, or produced. An important story waiting to be unfolded. At The Rewilding we are passionate about food, local produce and British farming and we invite you to come and 'shake the hand that feeds you'. All our food experiences are about celebrating the seasons and connecting back to the supply chain. 

Green Forest

Picture This 


View Ranger

Free Range Poultry Farm

BBC 4 Farming Today

Fall Tokens

Nature’s Voice |  RSPB  

Pebble Beach


Wheat Field


Traveler's Shoes

Forest 404 | BBC Sounds 

White Flowers

Wild Flower Hour  

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human rewilding/riːˈwʌɪld/verb
restore to a more natural, wild state in order to rebalance and repair, used especially with reference to the undoing of domestication and conditioning. Human rewilding is a holistic, intentional way of living.

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