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Dietary Policy

Hi Wilding, if you're on this page, we understand you have questions about whether our menus will be suitable for you and any dietary requirements or allergies you may have. 

We are obsessed with food at The Rewilding with most of our signature experiences revolving around delicious food and drink.  We love to use many different methods of cooking, from preparing food over the fire, pickling and fermentation to foraging as many fresh ingredients as possible. As a farming family using local and seasonal produce from our network of local suppliers and family friends is really important to us. 


We always aim to be as inclusive as possible in all that we do however due to the nature of our events and the style of our dining experiences we have implemented a dietary policy so we can be clear to our guests and set the right expectation about our menus in order to avoid any disappointment.



Food Experiences by The Rewilding

  • All Rewilding food experiences offer a set menu. We always offer a vegetarian option which much be communicated to us at the point of sale via online registration on any ticket purchase. 

  • Due to the small scale of our events and the nature of our 'open air' kitchen and changing locations of dining we do not cater to vegans or guarantee that any of our food is allergen-free. 

  • If you would like to join one of our feasts and do have allergies, please always contact us directly at Our menus are often themed highlighting different ingredients so it may be the case that your allergen does not appear on the menu on this occasion,  so please do get in touch as we would love to welcome you to one of our supers. 

  • Our signature feasting experiences are designed to celebrate the seasons and locality.  We invite guests to embrace our menus and enjoy trying the "not-so-common" ingredients. We frequently cook with locally sourced game and foraged ingredients that you may not have come across in the supermarket and we find the guests who are reluctant to this before booking love this on the day. ​​

Dietary Policy for Retreats & Corporate Bookings 

Severe Food Allergies:
Individuals with severe food allergies must specify the severity to ensure proper notification to our catering team for health and safety reasons. 

Health-Based Food Avoidance:

For retreats, individuals with food intolerances must detail their specific dietary restrictions so that appropriate food options can be made available on the day of the event. It is crucial to be specific. For example, if you avoid eggs but can consume dairy, please do not classify yourself as vegan, as this affects menu planning for the rest of the meals.


Our food philosophy is to promote whole foods that are as close to nature as possible. We believe that using dietary substitutes compromises the quality of our menus, as these substitutes often consist of highly processed ingredients. Therefore, we strive to minimise ingredient alterations where feasible.


We understand that dietary needs may change over time and aim to be as inclusive as possible. However, we request consideration for our chefs if your dietary requests are occasional, as preparing separate meals and sourcing specific ingredients can increase expenses and contribute to food waste, which we strive to minimise.


Dietary Regime Limitations:
Please note that we are unable to accommodate specific dietary regimes such as ketogenic, FODMAP, blood group diets, or paleo, among others. Nevertheless, we are willing to discuss individual requirements further to explore potential accommodations.


Please ensure you have communicated any dietary requirements to our team or directly to the chef no later than 7 days prior to the event, we encourage you to share this policy with any of your guests who have specific requests.


Requests made with less notice may result in difficulties in accommodating them. Thank you for your understanding. 

Food for a Private Event

  • For private events and retreats, some dietary requirements can be catered for. All affiliated chefs that work with The Rewilding require dietary requirements to be communicated to them as soon as possible, and no later that 3 weeks prior to the event date.  

  • When it comes to designing a menu for your private event, we encourage you to take only allergen and dietary requirements vs food dislikes and preferences. The more dietary requirements you have to incorporate into your menu design the more limitations you add.

Food provided by third-party event producers

  • We frequently hire our space to groups and organisations who provide their own food and catering. Please note that they operate a different dietary policy to The Rewilding so always check directly with the event organiser. 

If you are still unsure, please get in touch with Michelle at and we are always happy to share more information and hope to see you around the fire soon! 

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