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As a farming family, food is very important to us. We’re deeply rooted and very connected to the land around us and understand the hardworking efforts that go into the production of every mouthful. 

Through our food experiences at The Rewilding we see ourselves as a conduit for the farmers, fiishermen and growers to share their produce and stories through our menus, and this is something we take pride in. 

Our ambition is to be part of a movment toward mending our relatioship with food, and in doing so, our connection to the land. 

We are always striving to do our best and to do better, and are commited to serving food that is packed full of flavour, nutritionally balanced, seasonal and with provenance at the heart, sourcing as many local, Lancashire and Britishi ingredients as possible.  

​Our Commitment

  • To celebrate the best of British agriculture and share the stories of our countryside heritage, farmers, fishman, and growers

  • Support as many local producers, growers and farmers as we possibly can from our immediate area, Lancashire and the north west. Promoting traditions, high welfare, natural and local British produce.

  • To encourage our guests to eat more seasonally, and demonstrate fun ways in which people can incorporate this into their own daily lives.

  • We are considerate to the resources that we use and aim to reduce waste where possible and always choose ingredinets with minimal packagng

  • We are always striving to educate our guests about food, from various cooking practices, preserving methods and getting the most from what you already have. We run regular workshops on foraging, fermentation and other food related experiences to promote education on proactively reducing food waste.

  • We make informed decisions on the ingredients we buy based on their environmental impact, supply chains and traceability. 

  • We make a promise to always seek to learn more about how we can improve best practices in our menus and all that we do at The Rewilding. 

We must actively educate ourselves and reconnect to our food to understand our British food story and in doing so begin to mend our relationship with our broken food system and ultimately the land and hands by which it’s grown.


Food is far more than filling an empty space, it's a fundamental human need, it’s about the nourishment it gives our bodies in order to thrive and be healthy,  the connection it brings when we come together with others and the enjoyment of the flavours, textures and creativity in experimenting with ingredients.

Food Philosophy

 We beleive our connecition to food is what will save us

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