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Corporate retreats in Lancashire

We are approaching another exciting season at The Rewilding, spring and summer really are the times to get outside, connect with nature, with yourself and with those around you. We have been offering corporate retreats at our Lancashire-based venue for a while now and we love nothing more than seeing a group of people thrive and connect with one another during one of our immersive experiences.

Coming together as a group means you can cement company values, nurture creative thinking, and create a relaxed environment that encourages team bonding.

Why choose a corporate retreat at The Rewilding?

We have a versatile selection of spaces and provide your business with a bespoke package depending on what you are looking for. We aim to provide an inclusive experience-based retreat which will allow your employees or colleagues to come together during your time with us, away from the distractions of the office and technology.

Our indoor spaces aim to bring the outside in and we encourage wild dining, relaxation and an opportunity to talk face-to-face. In an increasingly online world (including remote working) it means you can connect on a personal level, building trust and friendship in the workplace.

We have a number of beautiful outdoor spaces and plenty of rugged land on which you can roam, letting go of the stresses of work, get to know each other better and aid in the well-being of those taking part.

Our bespoke approach means you can pick and choose the activities that suit your team, we have a games room that fosters (in fact encourages) fun, in a one-of-a-kind location, and even a selection of 4*accommodation, sleeping up to 60 people if you want to make it an extended experience.

All our experiences are inclusive for those from all walks of life and all activities are suitable for any level of experience.

A few ideas on corporate experiences:

  • Leadership & strategy days

  • Multi-day and overnight experiences

  • 'Out of office' team meeting spaces

  • Feast over fire & open fire cooking dining experiences

  • Wellbeing day retreats

  • Foraging & wild food experiences

  • Social Impact and volunteering activities

Thinking of booking a corporate retreat at The Rewilding?

Get in touch and we will provide a dedicated host to support in planning and coordinating your gathering.

Want to be inspired? Follow along on our social channels for ideas.

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