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Rewild Yourself on the Go

Nothing will ever be better than spending physical time in nature and/or with other fellow humans. Yet the reality of our fast paced lives can also leave us feeling inadequate that we do not spend enough time outdoors, bringing awareness to this can also cause unnecessary judgement on ourselves.

Explore this series of recommendations when you're on the go or throughout your workday, and allow yourself to be inspired by incredible conservation efforts, new innovation in farming or tuning into nature sounds to focus you whilst you work.

Like an old friend music can take you down memory lane, inducing all kinds of feelings, body and mind. It can make you want to cry or get you dancing. Use it to your advantage. Listening to sounds and music can help us think more clearly, be more resilient, and come up with creative solutions.

  • Nature sounds played through a speaker still have a similar effect to the real thing and can bring about calm and peacefulness. Whether this is for concentration or a need for grounding, play sounds in the background throughout your day. I frequently listen to the sound of the ocean before going to sleep, the coming and going of the waves hitting the shoreline feels like the in and out of my breath and nurses me gently into sleep.

  • Who doesn’t love a playlist? Choose your ‘all time’ songs and add them to a playlist. The songs that can take you right back to that specific moment in time, that feeling of connection, togetherness, happiness and use it to your advantage. The days when you may feel a bit fuzzy and need a ‘pick me up’. Put it on! Let it evolve with time. Add and remove the tracks as time goes on and your memories evolve… you get the picture. This is mine for some inspiration.

  • Explore sound therapy and start vibrating on frequencies that promote healing.

Podcasts & Apps

There is a level of acceptance and awareness needed that our phones are an extension of our physical being. There are some EPIC apps and podcasts out there that can open up the outdoors in a way you may not have seen or thought of before. Climate anxiety is a very real thing, however learning about what action is being taken on a local and global level brings hope and lots of ideas of you can get involved too.

The app of all apps, Picture This plant identifier, to say this was a game changer for me, is an massive understatement! As someone who has always found it challenging to match up plants and trees with the illustrations in a book, this changed the game. I’ve had so much fun with this app and I know you will too!

Explore the rest of these recommendations for apps here and podcasts here


I often envision myself when about to sit down to read, climbing inside the book about to enter another world. Words that resonate so profoundly they are life changing. These days keeping distractions out can be challenging, however one thing a hardcopy book does not do is ping notifications or allow you to have multiple tabs open. Indulge in the focus of those carefully chosen words that fill up every page!

The books in this list of recommendations have all had a significant impact into my life, my view of the world and/or triggered me into action. Check the top picks here

What do I need to add to this list?

I love, feedback and recommendations! Do you have any, email

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