Anything and everything about the coastline makes me feel energised and alive. The ever changing landscapes of the tide coming and going is a constant reminder that nothing is permanent. The tides will turn!


Next time your on the coast, take off your shoes and dig your feet in the sand and breathe in the coastal air. 


What's in Your Box

  • Eau Good Water Bottle, Black + Blum - An 800ml / 27 fl oz bottle that filters your tap water using a traditional Japanese Binchotan charcoal method for a cleaner, purified taste.

  • Mara Seaweed, Shony, a sweet and salty flavour fusion and a natural salt alternative, 30g

  • Sea Mist Coastal Candle, St Eval, 20 hour burn. Embrace the healing and therapeutic properties of the sea, displayed in pretty blue ombre pots

  • 'Underwater' Handmade Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and Crispy Crunch, ARTHOUSE Unlimited, 100g

Coastal - The Tides Will Turn


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