Make the women in your life a priority, ALWAYS 


This boobielicious box celebrates women and boobs all great and small. A £1 donation from each sale goes to CoppaFeel which reminds both men and women to check your boobs - go on, do it now! It's fun, give em a squeeze. )


What's in Your Box

  • Boobie Mug, 220cl,  A handcrafted one of a kind mug for all your favourite drinks.
  • Lip Balm by Pure Lakes, 25g 
  • "Venus" Handmade Milk Chocolate, and artwork that celebrates the classical scene of feminine grace by ARTHOUSE Unlimited 

  • Selenite & Palo Santo Bundle with dried flowers, to cleanse and clear

"I Am Woman Hear Me Roar"

Boobie Mug Variation

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