Treat yourself, or somebody else with a  online experience skin therapist Ez Dyer, that will give you a guided facial including facial massage and lymphatic drainage, surrounded by soothing music, and candlelight should you wish! Here are a list of requirements:


  • Bowl of warm water
  • Face Cloth/Flannel
  • Face Wash
  • Face Oil – if you don’t have anything specific, then Coconut, Almond, or Tea Tree oil are also fine
  • Moisturiser/Serum – use what you would normally use dependent on time of day
  • A candle or incense to set the mood (opt)
  • A peaceful space of your own


What you can expect

  • You'll learn techniques on how to give yourself your own facial which you can add into your skincare routine to improve skin health and relaxation. 

  • You will have unlimited access to this recording, meaning you can create your skin care ritual time and time again. 

Virtual Spa with Ez Dyer


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