From nature connection, wellness, to learning and self-development retreats, explore what's coming up. Our retreats are both co-created by The Rewilding or fully created by our trusted external partners.

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Upcoming Retreats

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A Yoga Holiday
'Up North'
Rewilding & Nature Perscribing
TBD 2021
March 18 - 21 (2021)
Hosted by:  Rachel Walsh Yoga
Hosted by:  The Rewilding

A four day getaway in the heart of the stunning Lancashire countryside. An opportunity to deepen your practice, nourish your body and restore your mind. You will return home smiling from ear to ear.

Human rewilding is about undoing the state of franticness we put our bodies and minds into every single day, often unintentionally. You’ll spend your days exploring yourself and the local area, and will come away with an understanding of how to integrate a more sustained calm and slower-paced lifestyle in order to thrive.  We want to take you on a journey backwards for you to experience everything you already have and know in a supportive, practical, fun and intentional environment. 


You'll experience a wide range of activities and techniques to take away with you. From breathwork and forest bathing, to how to effectively create time to reflect and go inward by exploring a 'Living in Balance' approach. 

We'll nourish our bodies with, local produce, take time for rest and reflection, explore the local area;  foraging, learning about native plant species and wildlife. Going both, inward and outward to rewild and get closer to nature. Get in touch by contacting to request more info.

Wild Women - Connection
Coming Soon... 2020 (1 day)
Hosted by:  The Rewilding &  The Complete Calm

Like the cycles of nature, our female body moves in cycles too. Knowledge is power when it comes to connecting with your female. Miseducation and societal bypassing has left many of us confused and often without a voice when it comes to managing and understanding our body cycles and what's going on every month. From some days feeling flat out and down to other days energised and sexy. It can all be a bit overwhelming.

Join us on the full the Sturgeon full moon to learn more about your cycles, connect with your female and harness your power. 


In January I attended a 1/2 day winter wellness workshop, which I have to say was so well organised from start to finish. The host Michelle had clearly put a lot of research and thought into the event and her attention to detail was outstanding. From the beautifully laid out room which was so cosy and inviting, to the delicious home made and locally sourced food. I gained so much from the guest speakers too. They were so informative and inspiring and the yoga practice left me feeling more uplifted and connected with my body. I will certainly be attending and highly recommending future events from The Rewilding. Thank you x

Hazel Wilson,  Retreat Guest

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human rewilding/riːˈwʌɪld/verb
restore to a more natural, wild state in order to rebalance and repair, used especially with reference to the undoing of domestication and conditioning. Human rewilding is a holistic, intentional way of living.

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