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Rewild Yourself 
Autumn Retreat

Consciously restoring the balance


30th Sept to 2nd October 2022

As we begin our preparations for the shorter days there is much to enjoy with the turn of this season, golden sunsets and falling leaves with crisp, fresh mornings. Bountiful hedgerows are full of forage and the time for mushroom hunting is upon us. 

We'll embrace the cosy vibes that autumn fills us with but we'll be spending plenty of time outdoors connecting wiith nature, we'll get our creative juices flowing with an afternoon of crafting and much more. 

Sessions to look forward to 
  • Mushroom hunting and hedgerow foraging 
  • Make your own willow basket (perfect for foraging)  and learn the traditional skills of willow weaving.
  • Wild human shamanic fire ceremony 
  • Breathwork journey
  • Working & exploring the individual elements with daily elements of ritual and nature connection

  • Coastal walks and local knowledge

  • Access to the woodfired hot tub and cold plunger

  • Optional wild dipping

  • Nature journaling 


Ready to rewild your food philosophy 

As a farming family, food is very important to us. We’re connected to the land around us and understand the hardworking efforts that go into the production of every mouthful.


Your meals have been thoughtfully curated and ingredients, carefully sourced, based on the season and the activities during retreat to ensure they provide the right fuel & nutrition needed to nourish and restore you during your time with us.


Our menus are about celebrating food, farming and British produce. About nourishing for our bodies in order to thrive and be healthy, about connection with each other, passing and sharing dishes amongst the table, the enjoyment of the flavours, textures and creativity in experimenting with ingredients and having fun!

Your retreat chef,
Francesca Klottrup

Your retreat chef, Francesca is a Leiths trained chef, food writer and stylist. who honed her cooking skills in London’s competitive kitchens and travelled the world catering for private clients.

Going freelance she worked as a recipe tester for Asda, home economist for the Great British Menu, fed film crews and worked as a culinary teacher for a number of leading culinary schools.

Francesca then qualified as a Nutritional Therapist from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) and spent the following year as the Academic Director for CNM’s innovative Natural Chef Culinary and Nutrition Diploma, teaching and co-writing the course.

Aside from being incredible at producing really delicious and nourishing food, Francesca is an all-around lovely human. who you will get to know during the retreat and loves nothing more than sharing her passion for food and the menu she has put together for you. 

Where will you be staying?

Where the coastline meets the land. The Rewilding is located on private land spread across 200 acres in rural Lancashire. With various woodlands, ponds and open bodies of water to explore. You'll be staying in our 4 star accommodation, Patty's Barn, all full of character and original features

4* Tourist Board Rated

Patty's Barn, Double Room.jpg

Private and shared options available 


Choose the room that suits you best

All of our room options are in shared cottages, with options of private or shared rooms. 

Single Room

Twin Room

Double Room

Double En-Suite



We're located in Lancaster, North West of England, UK

1 hour from Manchester driving or train
2:20 via train from London Euston 

The closest train station is Lancaster, a 15 minutes drive away from The Rewilding. 

*Please note. Travel is not included in your retreat booking. 

Located on the edge of Morecambe Bay, (SSSI) with panoramic views of The Lake District (UNESCO), The Forest of Bowland (AONB) and the Fylde Coast. 

Why we
host retreats?

Michelle Parry, The Rewilding, Lancaster.jpeg

Bringing people togther to create meaningful experiences is my happy place. I’ve hosted and facilitated events all over the world, designing immersive experiences and creating beautiful spaces where people can connect with themselves, each other and nature. ​

I host retreats because I can see before my eyes the threads of our society and what makes us human slipping away into a world of technology and burnout. I've been there. This new normal is making us sick and disconnected from each other and the natural world, consequently, making the ecosystem we are part of also sick. Collectively we have overcomplicated and over consumed to a point that our entire exisitence is in jeaporady.  I beleive the fundamentals to our healing is about connection, with each other and with the planet, and about reciprocity. The Rewild Yourself Retreats are designed around reminding ourselves of the simplicity and pureness of joy we get from in real life human and nature connection. We need this now, more than we've ever needed it before.

Core human need

It's part of our social evolution,  being part of a tribe was a survival mechanism, and we are social beings. Meaningful connections give us a sense of belonging and oneness, and allow us to thrive.

Decreases anxiety & depression

Having a strong support system, where you feel safe and connected helps you to overcome challenges more easily, regulate emotions and maintain a healthy state of mental well-being.

A long & happy life

  A lack of human connection through loneliness and isolation has been shown to impact both our physical and emotional health and has even been found to be more harmful than even obesity and smoking.

Healthy Relationships

Technology is rapidly replacing in real-life connections and it is making us suffer from a mental health epidemic unfolding before our eyes. In-person, human connection is the most precious thing we have. 

How Connection Changes Our Lives

Human Rewilding



 Wasn't sure what to expect as this was the first time I'd done something like this. I felt like I was in such safe hands the whole time, whether it was with Michelle or Luke and also with the facilitators. I felt I had nothing to worry about and had a feeling of not having a care in the world. Everything felt so inclusive and accessible for all. The feelings of peace and grounding have stayed with me since my experience which tells me the retreat well and truest served its purpose.  

Retreat Guest

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