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Sustainable Event Policy

 We beleive our connecition to food is what will save us

Our philosophy and ethos at The Rewilding are all about nature and human connection and inhabiting reciprocity. We encourage all guests who use our venue to follow our guidance on delivering a sustainable event with minimum impact to the environment. 


Best practices 

​Sustainable Travel | We encourage any visitors to consider their mode of transport. We have plenty of space to keep bicycles and encourage guests to car share where possible. 

Food Philosophy | We actively practice our food philosophy and we encourage all guest chefs and venue-hire hosts to observe during their time with us at The Rewilding.

Waste + Recycling | We encourage all visitors to use recyclable items where possible and consider food waste through careful planning. We encourage the use of our existing crockery, cutlery and glassware over using single-use items. 

Decorations | Please consider bio-degradable and non-toxic decorations, and we also encourage you to ask us first as we have lots of lovely vintage and interesting items to help decorate your event. 

Suppliers | We work with local people as much as possible, from building and maintenance to subcontractors and chefs and we encourage all to follow our same sustainability practices. 





Farm to Table Feasts

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Reference this page full of information about our venue guidelines and what to expect when hiring our space as a blank canvas or a hosted experience.



Please ensure you have read and understood our booking terms here before making a booking



Our guide to our trusted suppliers... COMING SOON

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