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Rewild Yourself
Seasonal Retreats

Start Your Human Rewilding Journey

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Upcoming 2024 Seasonal Retreats

You are invited to come and disconnect from the chaos of everyday life and rewild yourself. You'll leave the weekend feeling connected, grounded, and inspired for action. Drawing from traditional rituals and things you probably did more of when you were little than you do now, things that make you feel GOOD and more connected.

Our retreats are really about self-exploration, making quality time for yourself and bringing back the feel-good things in life. We consciously strike a balance where we can capture elements of spirituality, authentic nature connection and self-discovery that are supportive and do not learn toward the extremes. 


Autumn Retreat

Sweet Disposition

20th to 22nd Sept 2024

Nature's masterpiece, the season of the golden sun. We will learn how to handcraft with leather, discover the secrets of how to cultivate mushrooms and the magic of mycelium, and cold water dipping and feel the last warmth of the September Sun as we prepare to move through the season. 

What you can expect at every retreat

Our retreats are designed around the seasons, each weekend has activities that align with the season, yet we believe in ritual so on all our retreats you can always look forward to...




Food is a major part in all our experiences,  the ritual of coming together to feast not only helps us to connect with one another as we all gather around one table,  but also to reconnect to the ground that keeps us alive with delicious seasonal whole foods.


“Cooking is an essential human activity at the heart of all cultures” and by “relying upon corporations to process our foods we’ve disrupted our essential link to the natural world.” says Michael Pollan 

He urges us to “reclaim our lost food traditions” and “revel again in the magical activity of making food”

This ethos is our bread and butter, on our first evening, we will cook and share a communal meal together before our retreat chef Francesca, a trained naturopath and nutritionist will prepare seasonal, elemental and delicious food for the duration. 

You'll also enjoy our hot drink station with mushroom teas, freshly foraged teas and selection of artisan herbal teas and Atkinson’s coffee.


4* Accommodation at Patty's Barn

You will stay onsite at Patty's Barn, 4 star countryside cottages and cabins. ​Or, stay in one of our cute and cosy wooden cabins for the more adventours spirited. 

Our barns are full of character and original features.

Various rooming options are available, both private & shared occupancy. 


You'll find everything you need to make yourself feel at home: towels, linen, and our all natural shower products by Pure Lakes are included. 


Nature Immersion

Nature connectedness is at the heart of what we do. Our retreats are located on our family farm with access to 220 acres of pastures, woodland, ponds for wild swimming and a rewilding plot, directly on the door step we look out across the expansive vista of the salt marshes of Morecambe Bay a Special Area of Conservation. 

Our weekend programs all incorporate seasonal activities to deepen your relationship with nature and more importantly so, take the time to do such.


We encourage you to be slow, nap, rest, be still, this is a chance to detox from technology, walk barefoot, journal and immerse yourself in the surroundings.  


Ritual & Ancestral Living

Making space for ceremony and ritual in our lives ensures we don't let life pass us by. It creates meaning and intention.


In looking to our ancestors, we find inspiration and remind ourselves that value lies in the act itself, the beauty and simplicity of such things, that are often 'something for nothing' rituals.

We introduce ritual on our weekends through the practice of making offerings, shared meals, daily meditation, and creating other special moments we will share thorughout the weekend, all of which can be brought into your daily lives after the retreat.


Wellness &


You can expect a holistic weekend all about feeling good!  Everything we’ve got going on is an open invite to take what you need in order to tune into what you’re feeling and what you want to get out of the weekend. 

We incorporate daily movement and stillness into our approach. From daily meditation and jouralling to barefoot walking, guided breathwork and more. 


Intentional nature and human connection is our core ethos and we look at wellness and mindfullness holistically incorporating both of these aspects into all experiences.

Click into the individual seasonal retreat links listed to find out more

Digital Detox

Banquet Candlelit Dining

Flexible Payment Options

Wild Swimming

Campfire and fire circles

Woodfired Hot Tub & Cold Water Therapy


To consciously restore and repair to a more natural, wild state in order to rebalance and repair, used especially in reference to the undoing of domestication and conditioning. Human rewilding is a holistic, intentional way of living. 


Our Location

At the end of the lane...

You’ll turn off the main road, pass some sheep arrive on the coastline to find our spot at the end of Hillam Lane. 

When you join one of our retreats we invite you into our home, which is what makes our retreats so unique. Born and bred on the farm, I am very connected to the area and the local community here.

We are where the coastline meets the land, steeped in local history, folklore and countryside traditions, we’ll share local knowledge, and take you off the footpath to our private woodland and water spots.


There is always an opportunity to see wildlife and embrace the seasons, and always... the expansive unbroken vista looking out across the salt marshes of Morecambe Bay toward The Irish Sea and out toward the Lake District.


We're located in Lancaster, North West of England, UK

1 hour from Manchester by driving or train
2:20 via train from London Euston 

The closest train station is Lancaster, a 15-minute drive away from The Rewilding. 

*Please note. Travel is not included in your retreat booking. 

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About Your Host, Michelle 

A little bit about your host...

Bringing people together to create meaningful experiences is my happy place. I’ve hosted and facilitated events all over the world in over 17 countries, designing immersive experiences and creating beautiful spaces where people can connect with themselves, each other and nature. ​

I host retreats because I love nothing more than the magic that happens when people gather, and when thought and intention have gone into the design of a weekend, beautiful things blossom both collectively and for the individuals who join.

Fighting the daily chaos of feeling overwhelmed and distracted feels like a struggle we're all up against. Everyone's busy, we all find it hard to stay focused, to listen, to be still and therefore it's more important now than ever before to actively practice and seek time to commit to these simple things in life. 

I am on a mission to fight against this conditioning! ​We fundamentally need human and nature connection for our survival, these weekends are about opening back up that space to let it back in and gain practical tools to integrate into daily life so we can thrive. 

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The Food

Rewild Your Food Philosophy

As a farming family, food is very important to us. We’re connected to the land around us and understand the hardworking efforts that go into the production of every mouthful.


Your meals have been thoughtfully curated and ingredients, carefully sourced, based on the season and the activities during the retreat to ensure they provide the right fuel & and nutrition needed to nourish and restore you during your time with us.


Our menus are about celebrating food, farming and British produce. About nourishing our bodies to thrive and be healthy, about connection with each other, passing and sharing dishes amongst the table, the enjoyment of the flavours, textures and creativity in experimenting with ingredients and having fun!

View Gallery

A snapshot of what your weekend may look a little bit like... you can also get some more images by looking at our Instagram page @therewildingcommunity

“As far back as we can trace, humans have travelled, hunted, and thrived in social groups, humans who are separated from their tribe often suffered severe consequences. Social groups provide us with an important part of our identity, and more than that, they teach us a set of skills that help us to live our lives. Feeling socially connected, especially in an increasingly isolated world, is more important than ever. The benefits of social connectedness shouldn’t be overlooked.” (

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