Rewild Yourself Retreat 

8th - 11th July 2021

4 days, 3 nights

Lancashire, UK

human rewilding/riːˈwʌɪld/verb

restore to a more natural, wild state in order to rebalance and repair, used especially with reference to the undoing of domestication and conditioning. Human rewilding is a holistic, intentional way of living.

Are you ready to

rewild yourself?

Inspired by human and nature connection. This is an immersive four days of self-exploration, learning and bonding.


You will feel the benefits of the program from a holistic mind & body perspective, so that you leave feeling connected, grounded and ready for action, with a clear understanding of how to integrate a more sustained calm, and slower-paced lifestyle in order to thrive and live in balance.

We'll sharpen the best tools you have; your five senses - and reawaken the animal inside of you to start your rewilding journey. 

*Please note activities are as listed, and are optional, this is your retreat. With a focus around community we do hope that you start and end your day with us as a group.  A breakdown of your daily schedule will be sent to you no later than 4 weeks prior to your retreat. 

Rewild Yourself

 Foraging & nature connection; wildlife ID

Wim Hof Method Breath work & Ice Bath

Barefoot walking


Rewild Your Mind

Living in balance & human rewilding workshop

Facilitated sharing circle

Sound therapy

Guided meditation

Community & connection


Rewild Your Body

Full body massage

Daily movement 

Nutritional guidance & local farm to fork produce

Coastal & woodland walks


What's included 

Food & Drink


Food is a major part of rewilding. All meals are included and provided by our handpicked team of chefs and producers, to bring you nourishing, quality and wholesome meals.



Patty's Barn, Double Room.jpg

You will stay in Patty's Barn, 4 star self catering accommodation.

Various rooming options both private & shared available

For those looking to reconnect and/or deepen their connection with nature

Those looking to integrate a more holistic and sustainable way of living 

Those looking for natural approaches to stress and burnout

Those looking to reconnect with a sense of belonging and purpose 

And for those who thrive of immersive, one of a kind experiences and community 

Who is this for?

Human rewilding, The Rewilding Lancaster

Spaces are limited to 14 persons.

Please confirm your spot by submitting your deposit.